Monday, February 13, 2006

Second Life Media: Streaming Radio

Second Life offers many media bridges between itself and the "real life". One of them is in-game radio streaming, appropriately expressed through a boombox metaphor (found and photographed in a store). There's also capability to stream video (mostly QuickTime) files. Some billboards and objects, when clicked, spawn a out-of-game browser window and load a predefined page, although I don't see this functionality used as often as telerportation (many billboards and objects function as web banners by redirecting the player into a different location). Linden Lab is also working to embed Firefox browser into the game itself and display webpages on the game's textures (original post by Clickable Culture on June 6, 2005, update on Second Life's community page dated Feb. 9, 2005) which will present new opportunities both for commerce and content development (i.e. a realistically looking newspaper updated in real time).

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