Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Game: L.A. Rush by Midway

L.A. Rush is an urban racing game by Midway. In June 2005, the company entered into partnership with MTV Games. Adrenaline Vault reported:

"MTV today announced a strategic relationship with Midway Games to market, jointly sell in-game advertising and collaborate on soundtrack development for three upcoming games. Under the deal, MTV is able to participate in a royalty sharing structure.
The first title shipping under this deal is expected to debut this holiday season with Midway's upcoming high-octane arcade racing video game, L.A. RUSH. In addition to the innovative marketing alliance to launch the game, LA RUSH will feature MTV branding throughout the game world with the crew from the hit MTV show, "Pimp My Ride," West Coast Customs. The soundtrack contains over 75 songs from over 20 artists including Twista, Lil' Kim, Big Boi and DJ Rap. The other two games under this deal will be announced at a later date."
(Brad Dickason, "MTV Signs On With Midway", Adrenaline Vault, June 28, 2005)

West Coast Customs grafitti logo. Image source: Game Spy

iRiver music player streams game's soundtrack to the website.

Fila sweater. Image source: Gamespot.

JS Fashion billboard. Image source: Gamespot.

King Magazine car decal. Castrol billboard. Image source: Gamespot.

"For example, in "L.A. Rush," the driving game released last month for PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PC, Midway signed on 40 partners, "although, with 337 miles of drivable roads, we could have done 400," says Allison [Midway's corporate marketing officer]. He wouldn't reveal what the deals netted Midway, but disclosed that, in general, "we take as little as $20,000 for a limited placement on up to close to $1 million. It just depends on how much exposure the company wants. There's a lot of negotiating going on."

Paul "The Game Master" Hyman, "Product Placement in Games Sizzles", Game Daily, Dec.1, 2005

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