Monday, March 13, 2006

Scratchpad: IGA Interview with Gamecloud

John "JCal" Callaham, "IGA Worldwide Interview", March 13, 2006

Quotes by IGA's CEO Justin Townsend:

  • However, with the introduction of the IGA WW proprietary ad serving network, Radial, we enable advertisers to target millions of engaged consumers across a wide range of platforms and game genres whilst they play.

  • As we have stated above, ad brands need to follow consumers – as an example, the best selling game of 2004, NFL Madden, generated some 400 million eyeball hours, whilst the best selling TV program of 2004, The Sopranos, generated some 160 million eyeball hours. More recently, Halo 2 is reported to have clocked over 600m hours of online play via Xbox Live.

  • The process of integrating the SDK is minimal, taking roughly 15 man hours. [...] Contrary to popular belief, its not preferable to have hundreds of billboards pasted over every surface! Not only does that become intrusive to the game, its also less effective for the advertiser. Effectively what we are doing is replicating where you would expect to see adverts in real life and replicating that, with some optimization for the way different games are played and different environments are negotiated.

  • We already have a fully operational network serving over 600,000 unique gamers a month.

  • We are already working on some major technological innovations, such as in snowboarding game Stoked Rider where we are dynamically interchanging geometric branded objects [...]

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