Thursday, March 9, 2006

News: MTV2 Hosts Fashion Show in Second Life

MTV2's "Coltrane hosts Second Life's first ever fashion show." Watch a Flash video from the show. Creator: Glitchy Gumshoe, an MTV staffer. Stage by Spellbound. Coltrane's avatar by Lilith Pendragon.

Update (March 10, 2006):
  • The original call for talent was posted on SL Forums in Dec. 23, 2005 and the video apparently was released on March 9, 2006 (thanks, Csven).
  • According to the article in New World Notes, the video was shot on Supernova, a private island separate from the main grid.


  1. Active X. I'll wait til I can view it without.

    Sure has taken long enough for this to surface though. I've not seen any mention of this on the SL forums in a long time now. I think everyone's mostly forgotten about it.

  2. "First ever" fashion show? It must have been a long time ago.

  3. Dunno, it just surfaced today on the SL Business discussion list.

  4. Here's a link to the thread announcing it: SL Forum

    I recall seeing some comments by a participant as well ... somewhere. Might be of interest.