Saturday, March 4, 2006

Scratchpad: Dos and Don'ts

Fran Kennish, "In-Game Advertising Dos and Don'ts", iMedia Connection, March 3, 2006

Highlights (verbatim):

- A brand's presence should enhance the gaming engagement
- Brand and commercial content must be relevant to the game
- Brands should feel like a natural part of the game
- Customization can strengthen gamers' engagement with a brand
- In-game communication must be measurable

- Assuming video games will work with any brand
- Interrupting, delaying or inappropriately altering game-play with in-game communication
- Imposing on gamers' attention with communication that doesn't add to the game
- Assuming real-world creative will work within a video game environment
- Considering "advergames" as an inexpensive way of reaching a gaming audience.

Fran Kennish (fran.kennish at is senior partner, director of strategic planning at MEC MediaLab, part of Mediaedge:cia.

- How to integrate brands into worlds that are not originally "brand-friendly", such as fantasy environments?
- If an ad or a branded item fits too seamlessly into the game, will it be overlooked and it's desired effect minimized?

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  1. I just traded emails with Joyce over at Holywood2020 and that first question was kind of in the mix. There is an answer.