Sunday, April 16, 2006

Ads in EA Sports Games: 1998-2000

NHL 2000, 1999, Electronic Arts (image: Gamespot). Ads for Dodge, Mastercard, skates maker CCM, and apparently Target.

Madden NFL 2000, 1999, Electronic Arts. Still no third-party ads in this installment.

FIFA 2000: Major League Soccer, 1999, Electronic Arts. Ads for music labels Skint and Apollo 440, Adidas, McDonald's, Fuji, UNICEF, Eurosport. No ads in the GameBoy version. Still no ads in other franchises: Knockout Kings 2000, NBA Live 2000,

Superbike World Championship, 1999, Electronic Arts. Abundant logos of Champion (Aerospace?), bike maker logos, unidentified others.

FIFA 2001, 2000, Electronic Arts. Third-party ads as usual.

Knockout Kings 2001, 2000, Electronic Arts. No changes from the previous version.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2001, 2000, Electronic Arts. The golfing franchise still has no apparent ads but lets you play different celebrities. Features branded courses (e.g. Buick PGA Tour Courses).

WCW Backstage Assault, 2000, Electronic Arts. This wrestling game for N64 has a fake soda machine.

Superbike 2001, 2000, Electronic Arts. Sponsor brands on bikes.


  1. Those aren't really Target ads in NHL 2000. They're bullseyes used in the NHL All-Star skills competition for the accuracy competition.

    Also, in Superbike World Championship, that would be an ad for Champion Sparkplugs.