Sunday, December 18, 2005

Sketchpad: VOIP Integration in Games and TV

BrandNoise: "Video games are leading the way with how people interact with media entertainment. The way people play games now often shapes how they interact socially. The trouble is that a lot of this innovation stays in the gaming world and does not move over to more mainstream media - namely TV." The assumptions:
  • Many gamers use VOIP features to communicate with each other in-game;
  • This interaction is based on the common interests shared by the players;
  • TV shows with strong fan bases could consider enabling VOIP interaction over their shows.
Counter-argument: In-game voice communications are goal driven; that is, VOIP enables gamers to create a common winning strategy faster than an already existing channel - text chat. For the TV VOIP model to succeed, the shows need to be goal-oriented as well.

  • "TV Needs to Learn from Games",, accessed online on December 18, 2005.
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